Virtual Interactive Arts

Who we are

10 students graduating from NATFIZ (prof. D. Ruskova’s class) united by the desire to stay together and after the student scene are looking for a way to continue their joint creative path. V. Velev (teacher at NATFIZ and research assistant at BAS) has devoted the last years to researching the continuity between the new information environment and the classical performing arts and offers them an unconventional solution – a VIRTUAL INTERACTIVE THEATER.

Provoked by this idea and inspired by the strong audience interest in their performance „Thirst“, they decided to look for a new way in communicating with the young audience of the 21st century, whose interests, understandings, tastes, criteria and values are increasingly shaped under the influence of Internet and new computer technologies. This is how „VIA“ was born – V-(virtual) I-(Inter) A-(active) theater.

"VIA Theater" is a theater based on a new conceptual and aesthetic platform. Meaningfully, it is contained in the abbreviation itself.

A path TO, THROUGH, THROUGH, … theater, art, people, our own improvement, …. A path that connects the spiritual and the pragmatic, the tradition and the innovation, the aesthetic and the technological, the old and the new…

This is how they choose the path of the laboratory, of research and search:

  • We are looking for a way to a new theatrical expressiveness – a new direction in this ancient art – the theater;
  • We are looking for a new way to the hearts of people (- to the present and future audience to the new type of audience growing up in the computerized soulless world of new technologies);
  • We are looking with the new means of expression for the new type of audience growing up in the computerized soulless world of new technologies;
  • We are looking for a new path to our own improvement;

Because in our work, the path through which the result is reached is important. Everything we aspire to by itself is born on the Path! Because when the goal is the path, and not the result in itself, then every moment is a ready result!

The meaning is in the path on laboratory principles

It is a theater laboratory that explores the change in communication between people, influenced by the Internet and technology, and the consequences of human values and ideals, which are under serious attack by the hyper-dynamic technological development and „cybernetization“ of our modern society.

Virtual – because he owns his own virtual scene on the Internet. The members of the theater themselves are actors from different theaters in the country (Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas, Sliven). They give each other a virtual meeting on the cyber-stage of the VIA – where they gather, explore, rehearse and experiment, and where they prepare their future performances designed for the virtual information space. In the theater strategy, the intention that the majority of future theater projects will be intended for both virtual and real stage.

Our team

Internet as a new stage medium

InterActive – because in its work the young theater troupe explores „interactive improvisation“, the new stage language in the virtual information space, the new communication principles of interaction in it and their THEATRICAL application in both real and virtual environments.

This is a space where you can create by searching, rediscovering old truths with new means.

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